Described by the Irish Times as "quantum leaping",  the music of Jon Sanders has circumnavigated the globe many times over the last 25 years, entertaining thousands of listeners along the way.

His compositions for drop D guitar, bouzouki and ukelele have been covered by bands and used in film, television and radio and he has performed in an impressive number of bands in the modern acoustic scene - see Bio page.

His last three albums, Salsa Summer, Latitudes and Twigs of the Neem Tree have been critically acclaimed, earning him the title of "bold explorer" and his music as "pure magic".

He is currently a driving force in the world music band Beyondsemble and the folk trio Sanders Alley Geiling.

He has spent the last two years developing a radical ukelele style that evokes the mesmerising ngoni (African harp)music of Mali in west Africa and its passage across the Atlantic to the blues Delta lands of Mississippi. 

Soon to be released on his next album, Zoukelele, these compositions will sit alongside music written and inspired by the empassioned melodies and rhythms of north Africa, the Balkans and Mediterranean countries.

Jon has also been making films and audio for meditation using Tibetan singing bowls tuned  to the earth's resonant tone of C#. His interest in vibrational healing music and giving workshops in this area is in demand.

Feel free to peruse the website and to contact him for further information, bookings or to purchase music.